Can You Remove Tattoos Naturally at Home by Yourself? Surely, You Can


If you ask the possibility to remove a tattoo naturally at home, the answer is absolutely YES, it's very possible. In fact, a method to remove tattoos naturally without using laser had been around a long time since those tattoos themselves were made. Is that true? YES, It is, even there is a better way to remove your tattoos using natural home remedies than by using concentrated lasers to burn away the unwanted tattoos.

Here's the thing we're going to talk about in this brief article: NATURAL removal methods. Something I know deeply about; after all, of the thousands of removed tattoos, I've known exactly, none of them were burned off using lasers.

So how were those unwanted tattoos taken off? Well, you are about to find out. In this articles, you are going to learn:
1. Why the conventional tattoo removal wisdom, that laser removal is the only option or the most effective – not only hurts your wallet – but also sometimes leaves you with completely avoidable scars!
2. Then we'll talk about some all-natural approaches to skin ink removal that have been used for thousands of years with great success. And there is absolutely no reason you can not use them yourself nowadays at home.

Fact: One out of Three People Regret their Tattoos and Want to Remove them

The statistic comes from the British Dermatological Association. It says that the numbers in the US are similar as well, which has turned the modern tattoo removal industry into the big, booming cash cow it is.

A girl with a tattoo on the back, regret?

A girl with a tattoo on the back, regret?

The American Medical Association has been quite happy about this. They have gone on to train an army of MDs to capture what was traditionally a simple, naturally focused industry.

The Rise of the Laser Tattoo Removal Industries

If there is an effective natural way to get rid of tattoo, why is laser tattoo removal so popular? That is the first ting we will show you. Picture yourself at a laser removal clinic. You decided to pull the trigger. “What will it be like?” you silently wonder to yourself.

laser tattoo removal on skin

See how laser tattoo removal work on skin, pain? but surely expensive

As you're sitting there in nervous anticipation, a concentrated beam of energy is targeted at the sub-skin ink that makes up your tattoo. The medical professional does his best to hit your skin cells with the proper wavelength of light, to allow just the proper amount of penetration of the skin. Of course the laser has to be strong enough to break down the ink pigment as well.

All of this sounds well and good. And for many people who do laser treatments, this does work effectively. But there are two points I want to show to your attention:

1. Laser tattoo removal almost never fully works in one session due to the nature of the procedure. Three or more sessions are common at a cost of $200-$500 each session time.
2. It is extremely difficult to get the exact intensity right with the laser, even for a trained medical professional. Heat burns are common and scarring. Sometimes the damage fades away, other times it can be permanent.

So again the question rises why laser is still by far the most popular way for people to remove their tattoos. Is it because laser removal is so much more effective than other methods out there? The answer is actually, Certainly not.

As you have already seen there are significant drawbacks to lasers. But laser tattoo removal has been big business for the American Medical Association and their Hollywood sized promotional budget. The unfortunate consequence is that many people continue to be trained to believe that laser removal is the only viable option with the unwanted tattoo. So now you have the answer , right?

The Natural Option to Get Rid of Unwanted Tattoos

You may be surprised to know that natural tattoo removal is not only possible, but it has been used far before lasers were even invented. In fact natural methods have been around since tattoos themselves. Ok, now I understand there is natural options to remove tattoos. Are they truly effective?

Why Should I Choose Natural Based Instead Of Chemical Based?

You have to know that chemical based tattoo removers burn the top layer of the skin and then scab over. Which in turn, covers the tattoo but the skin is never the same. During our market research, the highest percentage of consumers interested in our product plan on getting another tattoo. A chemical based remover would make the application of a new a tattoo look very unprofessional and the finished work would look appalling. Some natural options attack and clear the ink from deep in your skin. Leaves no scabs behind and refreshes and rejuvenates your skin.

Well, take a look for yourself. Here's one person going through the process whom I am about to describe.

a man succeed removing tattoo at home naturally

A man with large tattooed arm succeeds removing it at home cheaply

This man had his medium arm tattoo removed for just a few dollars at home. If he went to a clinic, a tattoo of that size would have cost him about $300 per session . If the man wen to clinic four sessions, he would spend $1,200 to completely remove his tattooed arm. This did not happen overnight. Just like laser removal, the best results happen after a certain amount of time. There's a huge difference between this method and laser though, at least about the cost.

That is not even considered expensive compared to a full sleeve or chest tattoo removal, which can be several thousand dollars! Crazy! So you can see that all natural methods can both work and be a heck of a lot easier on your wallet.

How did the Man Remove his Tattoo for only a Few Dollars?

That is amazing. What did he actually do to remove his tattoo cheaply? Salabrasion is one of the techniques which he used. Salabrasion basically accelerates the skin's natural exfoliation process. That is the automatic removal of the top layers of the skin.

By accelerating the process, you can go deeper down to where the tattoo ink is normally hidden away, and bring those ink layers up to the top where they are then rubbed away with a simple skin exfoliating mixture. It is really simple and home-based method.

Salabrasion takes weeks to fully remove that tattoo. It need time of few weeks, not days. So it is very difficult to remove completely tattoo in only 24 hours. So if you are in a hurry, you may need to try another technique.

However if you have a few weeks to fade and eventually eliminate your tattoo, this is one of the best methods. It's cheap, pain-free, and can be done with ingredients found at the house or in the grocery store.

Of course there are other techniques just as effective as salabrasion, which I encourage you to also consider. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. One thing they are in the same boat, all are natural and cheaper.

I guarantee if you compare them to laser removal, they're all a heck of a lot cheaper and less painful. If you would like to learn more about Salabrasion and the other all-natural techniques, you might want to check out “The Laserless Tattoo Removal Guide™”. It's a guide which an expert put together as a 23 year tattoo artist and all-natural remover.The book goes into the following topics:

1. What exactly we're trying to accomplish: The nature of skin and tattoo ink, and how the two fit together to create a semi permanent tattoo.

2. How we can reverse that process using simple home and grocery store ingredients without the expense and pain of lasers.

3. Why lasers sometimes produce bad results that people have to live with for life

Several different tattoo removal methods that each have their own strengths and weaknesses. Combined, these methods allow you to remove any type of tattoo. No matter where it is on your body, for just a few dollars compared to expensive laser tattoo removal. It works effectively and cheaply.

Success Stories of Experiences Removing Tattoo Naturally at Home

Has any one ever used this integrated natural tattoos removal? How effectively does the laserless tattoo treat unwanted tattoos? Here’s what some people had to say about after buy and apply a secret method:

Jinny Grosch, From Berlin, Germany

I loved having my boy friend’s name on my sleeve when I was still with him, but after the relationship broke up and especially considering how it broke apart I absolutely hated having my skin marred with him. Unfortunately, with a mortgage and two young angels to look after, I just did not have the money for laser.
Thankfully, I learned about natural tattoo removal method a Facebook group where a number of people were talking about. Today I am with tears of joy in my eyes. His name is gone from my skin, and now I can forget about him completely. From tomorrow, I will truly move on and start the next chapter of my life.

Jack Glass, from Texas, USA

I was pretty wild in my late teens, and had gotten a not-so-small tattoo on my side and up to my neck. Now in my mid thirtees and with twin 1 year old daughters, I sort off wanted a more 'plain' image and hence wanted to at least remove the part of the tattoo on my neck.
A friend suggested your method, so got started a few weeks ago. I just wanted to show that I'm really happy with the progress and the tattoo is almost gone completely and with zero side effects.

Yui Sato, From Tokyo, Japan

I can not believe how fast natural tattoo removal works! At this rate my tattoo will be gone completely by the end of this month, and I have had no irritation or anything on my skin.
A friend of mine was going to go for laser removal but has now cancelled her appointment after seeing my results and will be trying this natural option too as I obviously recommended it. This method is worth its weight in gold.

Visit this website to learn more about this Laserless Tattoo Removal Guide. You can watch a video that will teach you one trick to remove tattoos QUICKLY from HOME with 100% Natural method.